What to Do if You have Chipped, Broken and Cracked Tooth

What to Do if You have Chipped, Broken and Cracked Tooth

Defining Chipped and Cracked Teeth

A chipped tooth refers to a fragment broken off the enamel surface, whereas a cracked tooth indicates a fissure extending into the underlying dentin layer. Chips may require mere smoothing, but cracks often need reinforcements to prevent splitting further.

Has this ever happened to you – you bite into a tasty slice of pizza or a crunchy apple with a little too much enthusiasm and suddenly feel a jagged edge in your tooth? Accidents happen, and chipped or broken teeth are quite common oral injuries. While such damage to your pearly whites can be alarming, there are several effective ways to repair chipped or cracked teeth.

Assessing the Damage

The first step is to figure out the extent of the injury. Minor chips may just require a simple smoothing or recontouring by your dentist to eliminate sharp edges. Moderate cracks might need bonding with a composite resin material to fill in gaps and stabilize the tooth. For major breaks involving nerve or pulp exposure, you may need a root canal followed by a crown for protection and restoration.

Seeking Quick Treatment

Even if the chip or crack seems minor, getting prompt care is crucial to prevent long-term complications. Jagged enamel edges can worsen and lead to decay or painful nerve inflammation if left unattended. See your dentist immediately or visit an urgent care clinic equipped for dental emergencies. Timely restoration of damage can save your tooth and prevent costly procedures later.

Biting and Chewing Carefully

While the dentist restores your tooth, bite extremely gently on the affected side since the tooth is now vulnerable. Avoid chewing ice, nuts, candy, or any foods that could crack it further. Practicing these precautions makes emergency dental repairs far more successful and durable.

Protecting Surrounding Teeth

Restored teeth require added safeguarding as they remain susceptible to reinjury. It’s wise to consider dental crowns for severely broken teeth, to shield and strengthen them. You can also have dentists fit partial tooth covers or guards over bonding or veneers on chipped teeth if you play contact sports. Taking these protective steps greatly improves outcomes after dental mishaps.

By acting quickly and giving injured teeth the required attention and post-repair care, even significantly damaged smiles can shine again. So don’t panic over cracked enamel – simply follow these tips to limit harm. With some care and effort, your fractured tooth can likely be salvaged.

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Treatment Options and Costs

Minor cosmetic chips:

  • Smoothing and shaping from £20-£75

Medium cracks and fractures:

  • Bonding repairs from £100 – £250

Extensive damage:

  • Veneers £500+ per tooth
  • Crowns £650+ per tooth

Exposed Nerve Requiring Root Canal:

  • Root canal £400 – £700
  • Crown placement additional £650+

Post-Repair Aftercare

  • Gentle chewing on affected side
  • Avoiding hard foods temporarily
  • Wearing mouthguard if needed
  • Practicing good oral hygiene
  • Monitoring with exams and x-rays

Chipped and broken teeth are common occurrences that dentists can resolve quickly. Early intervention saves additional dental work later on. By acting fast and taking some precautions post-repair, damaged smiles can be beautifully restored again.

Can a chipped front tooth be fixed permanently?

Yes, a chipped front teeth repair can be permanently repaired and restored through several dental treatments:

Minor Chips:

  • For small enamel fragments chipped off, the dentist can smooth out and recontour the tooth permanently using dental bonding material, with results lasting many years.

Medium Cracks:

  • Moderate fractures and cracks can be filled in and stabilized permanently using tooth-colored composite resin fillings and dental bonding agents. With good oral care, bonds may last 5-10 years.

Extensive Damage:

  • For large chunks or cracks extending deep into dentin/pulp, dental veneers or crowns are required to cap and permanently restore the look and function. Porcelain and ceramic veneers or crowns last upwards of 15-20 years with proper maintenance.

Exposed Nerve:

  • If a chip or crack reaches the nerve, the dentist first does a root canal to remove infection risk and pain before capping with a crown permanently. With a strong base protection, the dentist can preserve the tooth for life.

With today’s advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments, dentists can permanently patch up even severely damaged front teeth and make them look and work good as new. A skilled dentist at Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic assesses the exact involvement and recommends the optimal long-lasting restoration method for the individual. Consistent at-home care and dental visits further maintain the repair permanently.

Affordable Chipped Tooth Repairs

Has your smile been compromised by a chipped or fractured front tooth? At Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic, we know the significant impact even minor cosmetic damage can have for patients. The good news is – repairing enamel fractures does not have to be painful for your budget!

Our clinic offers a range of affordable, long-lasting restorative treatments to fix chipped front teeth at cost effective prices, such as:

Small Cosmetic Chips:

Dentists can permanently smooth and resurface minor enamel chips through dental bonding from just £50-100 per tooth.

Moderate Fractures:

Medium broken bits exposing dentin require composite fillings for structural rebuilding, starting at £150-300 per tooth depending on size.

Severely Damaged Smiles:

For people with extensively fractured, cracked or broken front teeth, precision milled ceramic veneers beautifully restore aesthetics and function from £500 per veneer.

With many insurance plans covering such routine dental injury repairs, you need not hide your smile any longer! Treatments at Thousand Smiles aim to fix chipped or broken front teeth promptly, economically, and for the long run. Contact Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic today for a free initial exam and reasonable quote towards rebuilding your confidence along with your teeth.

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