What exactly is a Advanced Foot Surgery Centre in Perth?

What exactly is a Advanced Foot Surgery Centre in Perth?

Podiatric Surgery is a specialization area of podiatry field. They are physicians that have completed extensive postgraduate education in the surgical treatment of ankle and foot problems. While they are practicing surgical procedures, your surgeon will provide you with information about non-surgical options available to treat the foot condition you are experiencing. This will assist you in making an informed choice about the treatment you choose to pursue and create an action plan. 

Expertise in their Field

Podiatric Surgeons are educated with an education that is formal in medical and foot health sciences. They are trained to recognize symptoms and signs of medical conditions that affect the lower leg e.g. diabetes. The doctor you consult with is able to manage the ankle and foot symptoms of these diseases and will work with your GP to obtain a medical opinion or help should it be required. A Podiatric Surgeon can be described to feet much the same way the dentist is to teeth. They are an independent practitioner who specializes in foot care, but not a medical professional.

Where do Podiatric Surgeons Work?

Consultant Podiatric Surgeons work within the NHS as well as the private sector and are recognized as private insurance companies. Podiatric surgeons are valued members of the team of healthcare professionals. They receive referrals from a variety of health professionals looking for their professional opinion, e.g. GPs, other consultants podiatrists, and practice nurses, as well as physiotherapists. Podiatric surgery is offered in acute hospitals and community trusts as well being in independent hospitals throughout Australia.

Quality Assurance Podiatric Surgery is an established and efficient component of foot health care having thousands of foot surgeries carried out throughout Australia by Podiatric Surgeons in Perth each year. Data is taken for audit purposes to examine the performance of a surgeon, demonstrate the evidence of practices and to evaluate the outcomes of patients and their experiences. Talk to your doctor for the database of national audits PASCOM-10.

Concerns and Questions If you have any concerns or questions about the care that you are receiving, the physician is glad to discuss them with you, or arrange an additional opinion. Additionally you can call you can contact the NHS Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) or the business offices (private sector) can offer further assistance and assistance.

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