The Best Time to Visit Bangkok

The Best Time to Visit Bangkok

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The climate of Bangkok can be described as tropical. Thailand has three major seasons, namely summer that runs from March through June. The monsoon, or rainy season that runs from July until October and the cooler winter time that lasts from November until February.

The winter months are the ideal time to travel to Bangkok. The days are cooler and evenings more enjoyable. If you’re planning to enjoy a day on the beach or take an excursion on a boat, summer could be the ideal time to visit, but bear in mind that it can be extreme hot.

The monsoon time of year isn’t the ideal time to visit due to a myriad of reasons. The most important among them are the frequent showers of rain, which can sabotage the itinerary that you have planned. Shopping is the only thing that is most enjoyable during this time of year, however.


“Travel Month” Temperature Season
From March to June 30 – 40 degrees Summer
July through October 26 – 34 degrees Monsoon
From November to February 23 – 39 degrees Winter


Bangkok From March to June

Temperature: 30 – 40 degrees

Bangkok’s most hot season is from March between March and the month of May. Temperatures rise up to 40 degrees. The average temperature remains at or near the mid-30s throughout the whole season, but between May and June, you’ll are with showers, which provide a relief from the heat. In the “Hot Season cruises on boats and mall shopping or rooftop bars as well as lounging on the beach or at the pool are all great ways to avoid the hot Bangkok weather. The weather will remain hot with an average high temperature of 32 degrees Celsius, and when combined with rainfall, the humidity can be unbearable, but the rains can assist in cooling things down slightly. April is the most uncomfortable month for temperature.


This is the time when you can see the Thai Year of the Pig, also known as Songkran. Year, Songkran, takes place, and the nation embarks on a three-day battle for water. Many go away to vacation, those who stay are able to celebrate by using high-speed water guns buckets, hoses and buckets to spray water in massive water fights. Businessmen and tourists are typically the most targeted.

Visakha Bucha, the holiest of all Buddhist holiday, is also observed on the day of full moon, the lunar month of the sixth, which usually occurs in May. This is a public holiday. Thai Buddhists make their way to the temple to earn merit, in addition to making the extra effort to adhere to those Five Precepts of Buddhist teachings

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While sightseeing and outdoor activity is not advised in this time of year The fad “Amazing Grand Sale” begins in June and attracts huge crowds. People who shop would certainly consider June as the best time to travel to Bangkok. In mid-March, Bangkok International Fashion Week is held. This five-day festival showcases various merchandise, including clothes and jewelry, cosmetics and leather items, wedding and handicrafts, and will be held on The Impact Exhibition & Convention Center.

If you are a fan of sea food and crabs specifically, then this is the time to visit. Every year, the Crab Festival that takes place in Central Plaza Rama in the middle of June gives you the opportunity to taste fresh crabs in Bang Khun Thian, a coastal area of Bangkok. The festival also hosts a variety of exhibits, which include culinary demonstrations from around the world.

In the event that you’ve got the proper skin protection, it’s an ideal time to lounge at the sea and enjoy a an amazing tan during the summertime.

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As the temperatures are becoming oppressive from a sporting viewpoint, it’s highly recommended that you stay inside. A few things to take advantage of include visiting temples and aquariums, as well as entertainment complexes, aside from shopping.

With fewer people in the rooms and other services will be lower and you could find some bargains.

In addition to Visakha Bucha, many bars and clubs remain closed for the day. those that remain open play music lower and serve alcohol only in a discreet way.


The most important thing is the timing of year when you visit Bangkok Try to go to the most popular tourist attractions early in the day for the lowest crowds, the most comfortable temperatures, and a great experience.

In this extreme heat, protection from sun’s rays is essential. Apply the maximum amount of sunscreen you can. Although a minimalist outfit is fine tanks and shorts are fine, they aren’t suitable for city life especially in palaces and temples. Loose and light pants and easy, short-sleeved tops are the best way to take.

Be sure to have a room that is air-conditioned as the cool is needed after a day in the sun. The scorching heat can be a suffocating force in the summer and it is recommended that if are planning to go on any trips or excursions that you go out during the afternoon or early evenings especially if you have complexion is prone to hot.

Also, make sure to have regular breaks from heat and drink a significant quantity of fluids.

Bangkok From July To October

Temperature: 26 – 34 degrees

Also known as also known as the Low Season, the monsoon is a period of time that occurs between July through October. Low is a mood indicator and is the the humid and humid conditions in Bangkok. Although it’s hot however, Bangkok is susceptible to occasional rainstorms and that’s why it’s not the ideal time to travel, more so if planning a trip to the beach.

On a typical monsoon day there is a chance of moderate rain, and torrential 30-minute showers, and a mix of overcast and clear days with no or little rain. In September, and in October, Bangkok is one of the most rainy months.


While the monsoon may disrupt plans and travel, with the absence of crowds, it’s an ideal time to go to sites in peace.

The month of July also happens to be the one to run the renowned Pattaya marathon.

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The winter weather isn’t totally intolerant, and the sacrifice of significant savings in exchange for elbow room will be worth the little discomfort.

The Grand Palace is Bangkok’s No. #1 must-see tourist attraction, attracting millions of visitors every year. In the monsoon, however there are certain times where you can relax in tranquility. It is advisable to arrive early in the morning at the most rainy time.

It is also the most ideal time to shop in Bangkok. It is the “Amazing Grande Sales” is a popular event in Bangkok is in full swing during the months of July and August. Shops offer discounts ranging from 10 and 80 percent off many items such as clothing, electronics and jewelry, allowing customers to purchase their the items they want for a fraction of the cost.

There are several important events and festivals which also occur in September. This includes those of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and the International Festival of Dance and Music. The latter is a thrilling season for foodies. Chinatown is awash with food stalls that sell mooncakes of all kinds of flavors. It is the International Festival is Bangkok’s largest annual arts festival that features first or second-tier classical music, opera, ballet, jazz and dance with a star-studded lineup.

Be aware before visiting:

As expected, given the weather that is unpredictable it is not masses, and putting on the market some of the best prices on accommodation and excursions.

In summer, if it rains heavily, visitors are able to enjoy a range of indoor activities, or simply go on a shopping spree.

Asana Bucha as well as Khao Pansa are two important Thai Buddhist holidays that fall close to each other during July. Asahara Bucha is the date Buddha delivered his inaugural sermon before his first five followers. Khao Pansa is the beginning of the Buddhist Lent in which monks’ three month retreat to the rainy season begins. the drinking of alcohol is prohibited throughout the day long. Lay people also avoid smoking cigarettes, alcohol, or meat. The Buddhist Lent Festival takes place with celebrants who light enormous candles and walk them through the streets, along with floats displaying scenes of Buddhist and Hindu mythology.


Bangkok In November To February

Temperature: 23 – 39 degrees

The most pleasant weather in Bangkok is between November between November and February. The ‘cool months in Bangkok, when exploring the city on walking will not cause sweating to the point of drowning. In the evenings, at this time of the year, temperatures have been observed to drop as low as 22 ° Celsius.

There isn’t much rain in this season. The city is typically in its most relaxing but you’ll require protection from the sun by using sunscreen as well as loose, light clothes. December is Bangkok’s most dry month with only 9 millimeters of rain. Like every month, you’ll require lightweight, loose clothes and sunglasses, as well as an outer jacket or cardigan for the inside, but you can get rid of that umbrella.


It’s peak season for tourists and the most chill time of year. It’s also a time for a lively nightlife scene too.

The holiday season is very festive. Apart from the Christmas season and New Year which are celebrated with great reverence and fervor and fervor, the World Film Festival of Bangkok occurs in the early part of November. The festival shows more than 80 films from the world that are screened from around the world. In addition, there is it is the Beer Garden Festival which marks the start of the nation’s seasonal beer-garden season which sees tables and chairs placed on the streets along with Singha, Heineken, and numerous other brews are available for purchase on tap. Live bands, food stalls and an array of brews are available in bars, plazas, and shopping malls. There’s an additional Loy Krathong Festival which is one of the most beautiful celebrations in Bangkok which takes it on The first day of full moon in November. In the evening, Thai people buy or make a krathong. A krathong is a boat-like structure constructed from banana trees with banana leaves decorated with candles and flowers at the center. Then, they congregate around rivers, lakes or canals in order to pay homage to the goddess of water.

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The weather is clearly the primary reason. While it’s unlikely to have a major impact in November, the latter half of December is the ideal time to travel to Bangkok in the period when Bangkok is drier from the monsoon and is experiencing a slight cooling and the holiday crowds are yet to show up.

The ideal time to visit the beaches and islands of Thailand is from December to March. Combining Bangkok and a visit on one of Thailand’s islands in the south is a good option at this time.

Chinatown that is the most vibrant, chaotic district, and also a tiny city of its own is certainly worth a visit. The time of the Chinese New Year in late January or even early February is the time when Chinatown can be at its most vibrant.

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During this time, and especially in the second week of December to the end of January it’s nearly impossible to walk around the city without crashing into other tourists. Moreover, the beer bars that are outside are crowded with them.


Prices for everything are rising and accommodation and everything else is filled quickly. It is crucial to make reservations early enough to avoid disappointment.

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