The Best Electric Mountain Bikes 2021

The Best Electric Mountain Bikes 2021

It is essential to make careful choices when it comes to buying the best electric mountain bikes. After all, these do not come cheap and come with various specifications and in different models. Typically, buyers are looking for the complete package of performance, look, and technology when it comes to electric mountain bikes.

It is not easy to understand the technical jargon and buy the best electric mountain bike that is just perfect for your needs. To cut out those confusions, we have listed the latest and the east models in electric mountain bikes that are selling like hotcakes in the market.

Top Electric Mountain Bike 2021

All the bikes listed below will exceed your expectations and are a blast to ride.

Marin Alpine Trail E2

The full-suspension electric mountain bike is indeed a formidable bike, but it is fun, comfortable, and capable. With branded components and top-spec dampers, it is good value for money. The aluminum frame comes with an aggressive, descent-focused geometry. Get all the power because of the new EP8 motor and drive up to those broad spectra of trails.

Vitus’ E-Sommet

Vitus has to be on the list of the best-value electric mountain bikes currently available. It may not have the oversized battery or the high-end motor like other bikes, but the amazing package comes with carefully selected and reliable components. Its perfect geometry makes it simple and fun to ride on those challenging terrain. You will surely have a blast when riding a Vitus E-Sommet.

 Whyte E-160 RS V1- E

With a few improvements, it is now much easier to live with and enjoys a perfect 10 rating when it comes to specialized electric mountain bikes and for the best price. With a 6061-T6 alloy frame and a Bosch Performance CX motor, and Bosch Power Tube 625Wh battery, you certainly cannot go wrong with this model.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric Mountain Bikes1

Canyon Spectral: ON CF 7.0

The Canyon model boasts of the most progressive geometry on a Carbon main frame with an alloy rear triangle. Look forward to playful handling when ridden fast on this good-looking and top-performing bike. The 504Wh battery is now internal, and it has mullet wheel sizes, just like its predecessor. You get plenty of power up those steep climbs on this bike which is tested for the top-spec and quality components.

Specialized Levo SL

The innovative electric mountain bike offers much more power and help when riding up those hills and turning. Get a maximum output of 240W, thanks to the custom lightweight motor. Now you need not worry about the settings, and all you need to do is switch it on and start riding. Tune the bike to power delivery because of the specialized excellent Mission Control app, and now you can record your outings from your phone and keep an eye on the power delivery, ride the range, and more.

Specialized Turbo Kenevo Expert

Now with a completely redesigned frame, and an M5 Premium alloy frame with a specialized M2-700 700Wh battery, this is just the right electric mountain bike you need.  With progressive sizing and geometry, the latest Kenevo Expert proves that you can still make a fluid-looking frame without carbon manufacturing. As the geometry and build kit is precisely focused on making the most of the descents, you feel greater control over your bike and ride, which is now livelier and maneuverable.

Go ahead and seek out the roughest and the steepest trails for your biking, and all you need to do is get one of the above-listed electric mountain bikes.

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