The 15 top wireless earbuds according to 500+ hours of testing

The 15 top wireless earbuds according to 500+ hours of testing

A high-quality pair of wireless earbuds are almost a must-have item for anyone using smartphones. Manufacturers of smartphones began to move away from the traditional audio jack a few years ago and the iPhone 7 is the first brand-name phone to completely eliminate the feature. Today, with the exception of the rare exceptions phones don’t come with an audio connector.

Today’s market in wireless earbuds are filled with choices, from inexpensive sets that provide the basics, to premium models for the most discerning audiophiles. The sheer variety of options for wireless earbuds makes picking the perfect one difficult and that’s why we’re here to assist you in the selection process. If you’re looking to purchase a set that is affordable or want to go large on the best, we’ve found an earbud that is sure to meet the requirements for you.

These are the Best Wireless Earbuds

  • The Best All-Round: Beats Studio Buds with Wireless Earbuds
  • Most versatile: Beats by Dr. Dre Fit Wireless Earbuds Pro Wireless
  • Best Price: Jabra Elite 4 Active Wireless Earbuds
  • Top AirPods: Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds
  • Best Priced Earbuds: Soundcore Life P3 Wireless Earbuds
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What to Consider

In general, wireless earbuds must be stylish, comfortable and water-resistant. They should also be capable of producing a pleasant sound regardless of the purpose you’ll use for. If you’re looking for an earbud replacement, look for a robust style, durable fit, long-lasting battery and a solid audio quality (including when you’re on the phone).

Sound Quality

The acoustic qualities of the earbuds wireless such as their bass as well as treble and mid-range performance are directly related to their audio processing and hardware technology. The midrange and treble output sets the best wireless earbuds apart from counterparts, allowing users to enjoy your vocals and the finer nuances of the instrumentals of a song. Bass is generally the easiest audio element to reproduce, however — particularly when you buy a headset that is priced reasonablyit can be in the way of mids and highs.

The sound quality of earbuds directly correlates with the price they are sold for: spending more for the best-selling model will provide higher quality audio. But that, our budget-friendly choices can keep you on track and entertained as long as you are able to control your expectations.

  • Noise cancellation
  • Durability
  • Battery Performance and Charging Methods

What We Tested

To make my final selections to make my final selections I spent hours searching through hundreds different wireless headphones. After determining the ones that seemed most promising across various price levels I began my thorough personal testing.

I spent at minimum a week with each of the options from this list, wearing the earbuds every day on my commute at work, as well as during exercise. I compared the earbuds using the following factors:

  • Quality of the audio and call performance
  • Ergonomics during various activities
  • Battery life


In order to test the headphones’ audio capabilities, I played my most-loved playlists as well as some podcasts and was attentive to the frequencies. The term refers to the capability to provide higher frequencies, such as the treble (highs) as well as the midrange, and bass you love in your music.

I put the headphones’ Noise cancelling to the test while walking outdoors and subway rides in Manhattan and also while working from home as well as at work. I also conducted incoming and outgoing calls using each headset to test their quality sound as well as the performance of the internal microphone(s).

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In terms of ergonomics, I pay careful attention to determine if the earbuds that I tried out became uncomfortable after long-term usage and remained in place during exercise. I chose only earbuds that gave me long hours of wear that was comfortable. Additionally, I weighed the reliability and quality of the controls for earbuds.


In terms of battery life, I kept an watch on whether the battery I tested complied with their claims by the manufacturers. In my testing, I utilized batteries in a volume that were hovering around 50 percent.

The Beats Studio Buds Plus wireless earbudsthe brand’s most popular model version — are our current best choice for customers. They’re a successor to an item we’ve recommended for two years, this new version features a higher-quality sound, the ability to cancel out noise, more comfortable fitting fit, and a longer battery life. It also has the same timeless cool design and affluent price range. It’s the Studio Buds+ are available in ivory, black and a new, transparent color that we love quite a bit.

When I tested the earbuds, I enjoyed not needing to download an app in order to achieve the best audio and noise cancellationthey were both well-balanced and superb straight right out of the box. I would also like to give a shout-out towards Apple to make the latest Beats earbuds so easy to connect into Android as well as Chrome OS devices as with its own. I would only like that the new earphones included an earphone case that had wireless charging capability.

If you can increase your spending by $30, you should consider the wireless Beats Fit Pro instead. The details are below and the best-selling Beats by Dre earphones have an improved fit thanks to more wingtips, and due to their Apple H1 processor, can support better spatial audio and the ability to track head movements dynamically. The final component offers the experience of a live performance using Apple Music compatible Apple Music audio content.

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