Starfield Player Builds Boba Fett’s Star Wars Ship Star Wars

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A gifted Starfield player has been dazzling Star Wars fans with their accurate reproduction of Boba Fett’s Firespray-31 spaceship. Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG transports players to the outer reaches of space with more than 1,000 planets that are pre-generated that they can explore and thousands of stars to travel across. To explore the vast world that is Starfield players can design and build their own spacecraft and this naturally has resulted in some gamers creating the famous vehicles of popular films and games.

The most appropriate series to allow Starfield players to take their inspiration can be Star Wars, and a number of classic spacecraft from the galaxy that are legendary distant have already been seen within Starfield. Examples include Han Solo’s iconic Millennium Falcon and the famous X-Wing starfighter which Luke Skywalker used to smash the Death Star at the climax of the first Star Wars movie. Starfield‘s deep customizing of the ship mechanics allows the creation of any amount of Star Wars ships to be built. And now, one character has taken a cue in the book of our galaxy’s largest and most deadly bounty hunter to embark on their interstellar adventures.

Over the weekend an Reddit user with the name of Venocious posted a set of pictures of their own Starfield spaceship on the Starfieldsubreddit. The ship appears to be a close model of Boba Fett’s vehicle that was featured in the Star Wars franchise, with the grey and green colors it was seen in the original trilogy as well as The Book of Boba Fett. The only issue is that the Venocious version of the ship is unable to move its wings to take off or land as the one in the films, however, some users have applauded them for resembling the Firespray-31’s iconic style.

Boba Fett’s spaceship or “Slave 1” which it once known, is among the most well-known and recognized vessels in the Star Wars franchise partly due to the cult status of the bounty hunter’s character. The spaceship was once the property of Boba’s father Jango Fett in his time in the Clone Wars era, but it was handed down to Boba following the death of his father during Attack of the Clones. It’s been an in-game vehicle in numerous Star Wars video games and fans have recreated its appearance in games such as Minecraft.

Venocious’s recreation of Boba Fett’s ship is another illustration of Starfield allowing players to choose their own route by creating custom characters and spacecraft, even those based on classic sci-fi universes such as Star Wars. This particular version of Firespray-31 is a wonderful celebration of the first and is the ideal method to explore the galaxy for bounty items to gather or even criminal empires to control when playing Starfield.

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