iPhone 15 Series to Go on Sale in India on the Same Day or a few days after Global Launch:

iPhone 15 Series to Go on Sale in India on the Same Day or a few days after Global Launch:

iPhone 15 series is expected to launch on September 12 during an event dubbed “Wonderlust” that will be held in Apple Park in Cupertino, California. Beginning at 10 am local time the event will be streamed live on apple.com and on the Apple TV app. It is expected that the iPhone 15 lineup is expected to include four models: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro along with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Prior to the launch, an article indicates there is a possibility that iPhone 15 models will go for sale for sale in India within the next day, or two days after the worldwide availability of the phones.

To increase the production of electronics to boost the manufacturing of electronics in India the government has begun offering various incentives for laptop, mobile and semiconductor makers. This does not only boost the production of gross domestic goods in the country, but also aids to create a number of jobs in the production and distribution industry.

A Economic Times report suggests that iPhone 15 models that are to be made in India under the Make in India scheme, might be released on the market at the same as the global launch of the devices. The models are expected to be made in Apple Foxconn’s assembly plant in the Chennai factory.

The report pointed out that in the year prior to the release of iPhone 14, the made-in-India devices were available within ten days of the global launch. The company is expecting an even shorter timeframe or delay, if there is one. Apple will make an Chennai-based Foxconn manufacturing unit initially to serve the local Indian market, and later be contemplated for export.

Recently, the government placed restrictions on the import of a variety of electronic devices, including tablets, laptops as well as personal computers. The restrictions were scheduled to become effective immediately, starting the beginning of August however, they have been extended forward by 3 months, and clearance of imports for certain electronic products is required starting on the 1st of November.

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