How GPS Tracker Worked

How GPS Tracker Worked

Have you ever thought, What is the process behind GPS function?
GPS Trackers are among the cheapest car security solutions, as well as an aid to business. These tiny devices are utilized to monitor and track the vehicles as well as other items that require more security. The trackers are able to do more when connected to automobiles in addition to providing a live tracking. It is able to set virtual boundaries, provide warnings about speed, and also detect vibrations. It is a device which everyone should have and benefit from because of the dimensions of the device as well as the functions they carry out. It is thought of as a device that could keep track of assets in the field from a business perspective. The trackers can be extremely useful for companies that deal with transportation like delivery and taxi services. A fleet of taxis could be tracked by a single computer program. We will now dive deeper into how GPS function.

What Is GPS Tracker work?

There are many different companies that manufacture the GPS tracking devices, and the capabilities of each device is different. The primary goal of a GPS trackers is providing live tracking for the user. The rest was an added-on feature of these devices. Therefore, in order to describe how GPS trackers function, first we need to explain how live tracking functions.

There are three components in the GPS Tracker.

  1. GPS receiver as well as integrated program console
  2. The network adapter
  3. The Web application

In the case of a GPS tracker GPS receiver is able to receive satellite signals. Then, it calculates the position on the map with the assistance of microchip processor. The network adapter is then able to transfer the output coordinates from the microchip into the server. The subsequent visualisation and computation was done on the server level. The finished output is displayed on the user’s screen.

GPS Receiver and Integrated Programming Console

GPS receivers are responsible to connect the tracker device to GPS satellites orbiting the Earth. The device is able to receive messages from satellites. It needs signals of at least four satellites to determine the location that its GPS receiver on Earth . The GPS receiver has 32 GPS satellites that be found across the globe. The accuracy of GPS map of location is increased as the GPS receiver receives signals from more than four satellites.

Programm console is an microchip which acts as a motherboard to facilitate communication between various components of the GPS tracker. It functions as a base to perform computational tasks as well as the exchange of outputs between components of the GPS tracker. It also is accountable for the coordination between the various components that are connected.

The Network Adapter

The network adapter helps the GPS tracker send information from the device to servers using the aid by the Internet. It is a storage device for SIM cards that connect to the GPS tracker with the cloud service. The data includes the coordinates of current positions and other data taken from various components. The information is immediately transferred to servers, so that users can analyze the data in real-time.
In actual fact the transfer of data is very fast, and the data updates in nanoseconds enabling us to conduct live tracking.

The Web Application

The web-based application allows us visualise the information of the GPS tracker to better understand it. The data is stored on secured servers to ensure that authorized users are able to view the data on their mobile or computer. The information from GPS trackers is carefully processed and presented on dashboards for the app. We can draw valuable inferences from the data.

For companies using dashboards, the dashboards of the GPS tracker device aid in comprehend the allocation of assets and running expenses.

The Functioning of the Operation of a GPS Tracker. Step By Step

The procedure for working of GPS Tracker is as follows. When you have the GPS tracker is connected to a car it attempts to collect the satellite’s signal networks. The software console will then determine that distance of and the GPS receiver and satellites by calculating the amount of time in order to get the signal, as well as rate of signal. The distances of different satellites can also be utilized to determine the exact position on the earth. These calculations are performed in a matter of seconds, so there is no time delay in the computation to occur.

After the location has been identified Once the location is identified, the vehicle tracking device is then trying to relay the information to the final user via the internet. To do this, the GPS tracker can be enabled using network adapters. Most often, an M2M SIM card can be used regardless whether it’s in a country. This means that one SIM card can be used across every country without extra cost. The information gathered generated by the GPS tracker is initially recorded and processed by servers, it is then distributed to devices of the user in a more extensive method.

GPS Tracker for Fleet Management

The GPS tracker is a great tool to monitor fleet. In contrast to tracking just one car fleet management demands a strong processing and data transfer speeds. The benefit of managing fleets by using a GPS trackers is the fact that it just required a single interface to control all GPS trackers in various vehicles.

The fleet management offers many other options to the user. With the Finder portal, users is able to quickly find nearest devices. The heat map of the application reveals the area where the vehicle is most of its time.

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