Google Photos to Get Support for Ultra HDR Image Format With Android 14: Report

Google Photos to Get Support for Ultra HDR Image Format With Android 14: Report

The Google Photos will likely include functionality for Ultra HDR image format. The feature was recently discovered in the code strings of Google Photos (version 51.0.561138754). Google Photos app (version 51.0.561138754). If this is the case it will result in an immense improvement in picture quality. The feature is expected to give a greater spectrum of brightness and shadow information than the standard Jpeg images. The app was already announced the addition of an HDR effect to videos, as well as the Magic Eraser feature to Google One users.

According to an investigation made by Android Police via @AssembleDebug, several code strings associated with Ultra HDR image format were discovered inside Google Photos version The feature was reported to have been discovered in the latter part of August. The code strings read as Ultra HDR disabled, UltraHdrPreviewFragment, EDITOR_ULTRA_HDR_PREVIEW, and photos_mediadetails_details_ultra_hdr. Thus, Google is being speculated to introduce Ultra HDR support to the Photos app on Android 14.

HDR high dynamic range images provides better quality images than SDR or normal dynamic range. HDR is believed to offer more shades and brightness. This implies that Google Photos users will be capable of seeing better colors and tones in photos. At present, the Photos application offers HDR images.

In February of this year, Google had made public the introduction to provide an HDR effect on videos for Google One users. The feature will let users increase both the contrast and brightness of videos, resulting in a an impact that is dramatic. In addition, Google Photos also added Magic Eraser support for all Google One users. Its Magic Eraser is a machine learning and AI-powered photo editing tool that lets users remove unwanted people and objects in photos.

The feature was prior to that only available only to Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series smartphones, which do not require the need for a subscription. In addition, a new collection of collage editor styles were added to Google Photos. Google Photos app. Users can create different styles for a single image in an image collage.


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