Few factors to consider before deciding upon Invisalign clear aligners to align the teeth

Few factors to consider before deciding upon Invisalign clear aligners to align the teeth

An increasing number of people all over the world these days prefer Invisalign aligners over conventional metal braces to align their teeth correctly and the trend is no different in the UK. These removable and discreet aligners offer much greater comfort compared to fixed braces and are also more inconspicuous. While selecting between these two types of orthodontic appliances there is a critical factor that has to be weighed carefully and that is the cost of the treatment. In the following sections of the blog post let us explore the cost of Invisalign treatment in the UK and the relevant aspects as much as it is possible.

Invsialign versus conventional braces – which is better?

It is not that’s easy and simple to say which one is better between the two – conventional metal braces and invisalign as the answer varies depending upon a given condition. If your criteria include a treatment option that offers sufficient levels of comfort and convenience along with zero effect on your facial aesthetics then definitely Invisalign is the winner. But it is important to remember that Invisalign is mostly used to correct mild to moderate misalignment of the teeth. When complex and complicated orthodontic issues are concerned conventional metal braces are what dentists and orthodontists rely upon explains a dentist renowned for floating special Invisalign offers in London from time to time.

Which one is cheaper – Invisalign or braces?

The answer to this question too is not that easy and simple. whether you are on Invisalign or on braces the cost of your treatment is determined by several factors. Some of these factors include the following –

  • The level of complexity involved in a given case
  • The level of cooperation and compliance a patient can maintain
  • The qualifications and experience of the dentist (or orthodontist)
  • Availability of finance options
  • The location of the dental practice

Usually Invisalign aligners cost more or less the same as the conventional braces. There is no striking difference in the cost of these two varieties of orthodontic appliances. In some cases Invisalign proves little costlier but that hardly matters with patients. They do not mind paying the marginal excess considering the facts that Invisalign allows them to enjoy their favourite foods and dishes in one hand while on the other maintain optimum oral hygiene throughout the course of the treatment. There are abundant numbers of dental offices in the UK that offer interest-free loans or zero percent (0%) finance option to facilitate the treatment.

Reasons that make conventional braces so expensive in the UK

Orthodontic treatments require rigorous training and substantial investment from your dentist. The procedure behind the scenes is not that simple as it may seem. Before creating your unique treatment plan your dentist will thoroughly diagnose your teeth and the jaws along with the surrounding structures of the bones and other soft tissues in the mouth. This extensive examination is necessary to identify every underlying problem. Furthermore your unique treatment plan requires customisation based on your unique dental needs. Probable aesthetic outcome of the procedure also has to be taken into consideration while customising your treatment plan. This chain of tasks requires ample time and effort of your dentist.

Moreover orthodontic treatment often requires additional procedures like tooth extraction, root canal treatment (RCT), professional cleaning of the teeth and tooth filling, etc. These additional procedures obviously spiral up the cost of your braces treatment. Moreover it is important for an orthodontist to arrange specialised training to his or her staffs or members of the support team. Even the equipments and the materials used in orthodontic dentistry are quite expensive.

All these factors contribute on its own to inflate the total cost of your treatment point out dentists working in an orthodontic practice in London renowned for launching Invisalign special offers from time to time. However your dentist or orthodontist will give you an overview of the estimated cost of your treatment once your unique treatment plan is ready.

Are the Invisalign aligner trays really invisible?

Invisalign aligner trays are made from clear transparent thermoplastic material and this is what makes the range of orthodontic appliances virtually invisible in your mouth. Someone must be exceptionally good observant to notice your aligners inside your mouth. However if you do not clean your aligners properly on regular basis then the appliances will not remain so inconspicuous and will get easily noticeable. This is because these aligners are prone to pick up stains from once stained. The trays will not remain clear and transparent anymore and will attract attention easily.

On the other hand if you clean your aligners properly every day. Then it is absolutely fine to wear the aligners on dates, at social gatherings, job interviews and official meetings. Without worrying about anyone may notice those in your mouth.

Are there any standard alternatives to invsialign clear aligners?

There are a number of orthodontic systems readily available in the market. That stand as alternatives to these clear plastic aligners. As far as the UK is concerned few common names include Inman aligner system. Quick straight teeth aligners and 6 Months Smile. It is a good idea to discuss the matter with your dentist or orthodontist. Who can help you select the best alternative. To Invisalign depending on your unique needs and expectations.

Invisalign for teens

Youngsters who attend schools and colleges are highly conscious of their appearance. Considering this fact Invisalign has now brought out Invisalign Teens. This invisalign clear aligner system is mean for teenagers. Invisalign Teens are mean to bring the teeth of teenagers to correct alignment. Without affecting their daily normal routine in any way.

Orthodontic straightening of the teeth using Invisalign clear aligners may cost little more compared to conventional braces. But that is only for a short term. In the long term this investment provides lots and lots of benefits over the years.

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