CoD: Warzone – How To Destroy Zaya Observatory In Standard BR

CoD: Warzone – How To Destroy Zaya Observatory In Standard BR

An Easter egg that’s new allows you to bomb Al Mazrah’s observatory, just as warzone’s Shadow Siege event.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was unveiled inside of Warzone by way of the brand new Shadow Siege event that entrusts players with destroying the Al Mazrah’s Zaya Observatory in order to acquire chemicals from an underground mine. Although this is an exclusive LTM mode it is also possible to follow these steps to blow up the map using normal battle royale, giving access to the entire loot that is hidden in this bunker.

How do you bomb Zaya Observatory

Exploding Zaya Observatory during The Shadow Siege mode completely changes the scenery of the region, but the map is unharmed in normal games. But, you are able to take steps to bomb the map during game play.

Smoke flares in purple will be visible across the map as you enter your match. They’re marking the positions of the massive missiles that were activated in the Shadow Siege event. In contrast to that event, it is possible to don’t require activating all eight missile launchers. It’s only necessary to activate five. It’s possible to complete this task on your own if you’ve got an automobile to move to the location quickly however, it’s more efficient if you divide the groups. The locations are listed on the image below.

AI won’t be able to attack you like they would during the actual scenario, therefore activating these missiles is extremely fast. Be sure to go into the area and get an weapon and vehicle to attempt to make sure that all of these are activated before the gas begins to go out on the surrounding areas. It is best to be aware of the direction of the circle and move to the further locations before moving to the right.

It’s not necessary to turn on all 5 missiles for your team, since it appears that anyone on the map could be working toward the same end. There will be sound cues as well as text prompts to indicate the moment a missile was activated. After five missiles have been activated on the map new text prompts will display “Observatory attack launched.”

The Zaya Observatory would be destroyed exactly as in the Shadow Siege event, and you’ll notice icons of bunkers in white around the observatory which allow you to into the new zone. The bunker houses many orange boxes, which means you’ll be able to find plenty of loot to your group and you.

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