#5 major functions of a tyre discussed by skilled and experienced tyre replacement professionals

#5 major functions of a tyre discussed by skilled and experienced tyre replacement professionals

The tyres of your car not only make the vehicle move. But also allow it to stop and turn without any slipping or skidding. The design and the making of a tyre define its behaviour on different types of road surfaces like dry, wet, hard and deformed, etc. A number of forces play their role on your tyres to make your vehicle move or get into motion. Among these forces the gravitational force and the force of aerodynamics are most common. In the following sections of the blog post let us explore few basic functions. That tyres perform to keep you both safe and comfortable while driving along the road.

  • The tyres carry the entire weight of a vehicle

In simple words a tyre is nothing but a casing made of rubber that holds air. A tyre is going to fill with air and it is air that actually carries the weight of a vehicle. As you are applying brakes, pressing on the accelerator, turning or moving the vehicle forward. Its weight moves around the roll centre on its own.  When you are applying the brakes forcefully the suspension. In the front of the vehicle gets compressed. As a result a large magnitude of the weight of the vehicle shifts on to the tyres in the front. Following the same approach when you accelerate the vehicle its weight shifts on the tyres at the back.

A tyre’s ability of bearing weight depends on the pressure of the air that it is filling with. As far as safety and better performance of your vehicle are concerned air is the most important component. A vehicle whose tyres are to inflat up to the correct level always enjoys advantage over other vehicles. A tyre which is to properly inflat up the right level of air pressure offers much better traction. It can also handle the aspect of load bearing better. You must always make sure that all your tyres are filled up to the level of optimum air pressure says a professional who provides the service of tyre replacement in London over the years. As an alternative option you may consider inflating your tyres with nitrogen instead of normal air to enjoy additional benefits.

  • Do not skid the vehicle while propelling

The tyre is designed to make a vehicle move forward. The mechanics of a tyre on a dry surface is completely different from that of a wet one. A tyre has to deal with variations in temperature as well as that of road conditions to propel a vehicle in a specific direction. Good quality tyres come with recommended depth in the tread and this enables those to grip the road surface better. Thus a vehicle can move smoothly without any chances of skidding.

  • Cushion a vehicle from the shock that comes from the road

You get a bumpy ride because of various imperfections on the road, which include bumps, crack, potholes and other elements. When your tyres are in ideal condition you experience a smooth driving experience even along rough patches of road. As a vehicle moves along irregular surface of the road its systems get affected and these systems include the shock absorbers, the suspension, the wheels and others. The tyres are the first in the list to absorb the impact of driving through uneven road surface. Your tyres absorb and dampen a great deal of shock on behalf of the vehicle and the passengers.

  • Helps a vehicle changing its direction and take turns without slipping

As you steer the steering wheel, the wheels of your vehicle change directions. In easier words this feature enables you to move the vehicle in your desired direction. A vehicle remains stable while it changes its trajectory mainly because of its tyres. There are certain features in every tyre that play crucial roles in maintaining stability of a vehicle during its turning. Some of these features include the following –

  • Depth of its tread
  • The pattern of the tread
  • The quality of the tyre itself and
  • Air pressure present in a tyre


  • Transmitting acceleration, braking and cornering forces to the ground

The performance of a car is often judged by certain factors like how effective are its braking, acceleration, handling and cornering. If the truth is to be told the overwhelming majority of accomplishing the desired level of performance of any vehicle is done by the tyres. Both generation and transmission of an array of physical forces, like acceleration, braking and cornering of road surface, is done by the tyres of a vehicle explains a skilled and trained mobile tyre replacement expert in London. It is possible to transmit these forces to the ground only because of the friction that occurs between the tyres of the vehicle and the road surface.

In addition to the functioned mentioned above your car tyres also play a crucial role in various important matters some of which include the following –

  • Improving fuel efficiency of your vehicle
  • Providing the much necessary grip on both wet and dry road surfaces
  • Handling overall stability of a vehicle and
  • Experiencing you smooth and comfortable rise

Your tyres are the most important element in your entire vehicle to ensure your safety. Because of all these roles and responsibilities shouldered by tyres they deserve to be properly cared and maintained.

Choosing the right tyre for your vehicle is important

Tyres vary widely in terms of their size and type; purchasing the right kind of tyres for a given vehicle is as confusing and time consuming as you can imagine. Moreover there is a list of factors that you must take into account while purchasing the ideal tyres for your car which include the following.

  • Pattern of the tread – this factor affects a lot of things including friction, handling and overall performance and this becomes more crucial when you are driving wet and slippery road surface.
  • Rubber material – It is an important factor in determining the tread wear and traction qualities. Tyres that are made from high quality rubber have better speed rating and traction.
  • Tread wear – According to a professional who deals with 24hr tyre replacement in London this factor tells how long the tread of a tyre will last before a replacement is required. When you choose a tyre that has longer tread life there will be fewer trips to a tyre mechanic for your vehicle.

Whether you need new tyres or repairs, understanding their key functions helps ensure optimal performance. The tyre pros at 24hr Mobile Tyre Repair London have the expertise to evaluate your needs and provide prompt, reliable service. For all your tyre needs, call the professionals at 24hr Mobile Tyre Repair London today.

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